An  applique quilt is a quilt where the pieces are attached to the top of the quilt instead of sewn as part of the quilt as a quilt block.  They can be attached by machine or by hand, with decretive or straight stitching.

In the Garden

I made this quilt for our back bedroom which I did in morning glories.

Close up  shows how I embellished the leaves and flowers with beads to enhance the quilt.  The stems are done in ribbon.

This quilt was made for the fun of it.  Each window that the cat's can look out of is something that would "interest" a cat.  Anything from birds, mice, bugs, dogs, squirrels, butterflies, etc.

Making sure Mom does it right.
Emili's 16th
Birthday Quilt

This quilt was made for my daughter, Emili's 16th birthday.  I told her she could pick the pattern and design.  Little did I know that there would be 96 appliqued tulips on it!

Slide 2 shows a close up of the middle applique while slide 3 shows the middle border.  Slide 4 shows the white squares which I quilted using garden themed items - shovels, wheelbarrow (shown) and even pink flamingos (which Emili can't stand but every garden needs!).

Other Applique

The first quilt is just flowers.  The six appliqued flowers are of different colors and every square is surrounding them is different.

The second quilt is the same principle s cutting paper snowflakes except these are bunnies.  I chose and Easter theme and made the border of Easter Eggs.

The third quilt is my 2nd granddaughter, Mikkayla's baby quilt.  I was still appliqueing hearts in the hospital the day she was born.  I did finish it before she came home!