Joey's Quilt

I made this quilt for a boy who was 8 when he lost his father.  His mother had it made from his father's clothing when he was 15 and gave it to him as a Christmas present.

I used one of his t-shirts and the emblem off of one of his work shirts.  No more than a yard of other material was bought for the top of this quilt.

I also used concert and baseball t-shirts that they went to together, his letterman jacket, and army jacket.  Since he was a cameraman for a major news network I bought material that went with the news - National, sports, military, and world.


A bereavement quilt is a quilt made out of clothing and/or pictures of a loved one who has passed.  These quilts are made to help with grief and to keep memories of the grieving loved ones.  In children they can also symbolize a hug from the lost loved one.


An antique quilt can be of several different kinds.  I may need love in the form of new batting, new quilting, a new backing, or a quilt top that needs put together and quilted for the first time.

Browns and White

This quilt was in need of love as it lost all of it's quilt stitching and it's batting became one big ball.  I took out what little stitching was left, took off the binding and started the quilting process all over.


A rag quilt is a quilt that is put together by squares.  Each square is quilted then sewn together on the outside front.  Once all squares are sewn together, they are snipped creating a ragged edge.

Supervisor Mo
Julie's Sister's

This quilt was made for Julie, a former client's sister and since I never got her name I simply called it Julie's Sister's Quilt! It was made from her mother's clothes and her brother's clothes.

The Striped material was from a shirt with an embroidered design across the back.  I used the design in the middle of these blocks.  The satin and the paw prints were from PJs.

The third slide was made from the brother's USNA sweatshirt.

The fourth slide is from the brother's USNA bath robe.

Rag Quilt

This crib sized quilt was made for my granddaughter, Mikkayla.  She knew that there were 2 of each square so we had to find the other square before we would go to sleep!