Emili's Name

This quilt was made for my daughter so I added her name, Emilianne Louisa Danner and included her birthday.

Matthew's Name

This quilt was made for my son so I added his name, Matthew Colt Danner and included his birthday.

This is what the quilt looks like in its entirety.  All Matt's likes, what he did, pictures of his doing them, and the story of his growing up all in one quilt.

Quilt Blocks

I used pictures we had taken of Matt while he was growing up and material from the clothes I had made for him along with material with pictures of things he liked doing.

Tulip Garden

This quilt was cross stitched by the grandmother of one of my husband's co-workers before she passed.  He wanted it quilted so he could give it to his mother (his grandmother's daughter) for Mother's Day.